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Parenting Handouts

Discipline: 10 Ways to Tame Tantrums
By margie.moriarty

This handout has 10 concrete methods for dealing effectively with tantrums.
Discipline: Handling Toddler Behavior
By margie.moriarty

You can encourage better behavior without making your child feel ashamed in the process. Read on for tips on managing the most common offenses.
Discipline: Positive Discipline Methods for All Ages
By margie.moriarty

Discipline isn't punishment, and there's more than one way to correct your child's behavior -- without yelling. Here's a tactic for every age.
Discipline: The 5 Second Fix
By margie.moriarty

If you want your kid to wash his hands, pick up his trains, or give his sister's tiara back, don't ask -- tell.
Language Development: 12 Sign Language Words for Children
By margie.moriarty

This illustrated handout shows how simple signs are done so that parents can teach them to their children.

Language Development: Talking to Toddlers
By margie.moriarty

Communicating with a 1-year-old can be tricky. Here, Sarah McCraw outlines the best ways to get your message across.
Language Development: Teaching Toddlers to Use Words
By margie.moriarty

This article provides information on helping toddlers use words to express themselves.
Potty Training Handbook
By margie.moriarty

This handout from American Baby helps parents answer the question: when is my child ready to begin potty training?
Potty training tips (Spanish)

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