Online Learning

Hello Students and Family,

First, stay safe and take care of yourself and family. 

Second, most of you (students) should have all packets needed to finish your work. Continue with all work until you are finished with it all. Do not worry about tests for now, I will reach out to you once we have figured it all out.

Third, we are now opening back May 5th as planned, unless you receive an email from me or the district saying otherwise.

Fourth, students please go to the SVHS Website ( to join a google classroom ( There you will find class material such as books and packets if you lost them. Parents, please use this website for important information pertaining to COVID-19 and SVHS. 

Fifth, students you need to join SVHS and Williams' google classroom. My individual Google classroom is where you will submit your weekly homework and get teacher feedback. Check your school gmail account for my emailed instructions. 

Lastly, if you need to contact me for whatever reason please email me at [email protected]

I will see you when this is all over. Stay strong. Have courage.